What’s new this year?

You’ll love the new design on both shirts and medals, featuring our bagpiper mascot.

 Age Group Awards

Corktown Races do not have age group awards.  We do post results in five-year age groupings beginning at 5 years of age. See www.everalracemgt.com after 2:00 pm on race day.

Age to Enter

There are no age requirements for any of the races.

Arrival Time on Race Day

The earlier you get downtown, the better, especially if you still have to pick up your race packet - definitely before 8:30 AM.  Between the race and the parade, it gets extremely congested on downtown streets and freeways.


The top 3 male and females receive unique gifts from the Twisted Shamrock. The top male & female masters, grandmasters and senior runners will receive gifts from New Balance.

There are also prizes for best individual, pair and group costumes.


There just might be handcrafted ales from Motor City Brewing Works. It might be in the parking lot behind the Mercury Bar, east of the finish line.  But, you didn't hear that from us.

Bib Colors

The color of the number bib indicates your race.  For the 5K, the bib color indicates your starting wave (see “Wave Start”).  There is a special color for Dublin Doublers.

 Red = Kid’s quarter mile / Teal = Emerald Mile / Yellow = 5K Wave #1 / Blue = 5K, Wave #2 / Green = 5K, Wave #3 / White = 5K. / Wave #4 – Walkers   Orange = Dublin Double


Bring unused books for low-income children, a project of our sponsor, KMPG’s Family for Literacy (KFFL).  There will be a booth and photo back drop next to the sound stage on Vernor Ave. next to Roosevelt Park.

Canned Goods

You are encouraged to bring a canned good to donate to the St. Patrick’s Senior Center.  There will be a booth and banner next to the sound stage.

Cannot Participate

If you are ill or injured and cannot participate, you may still pick up your packet before the race; or have a friend pick it up for you. There are no refunds, however, and we do not mail out packets.

Contact Us

For questions, comments and suggestions about the race, please email corktownrace@gmail.com   


Wearing costumes for the Corktown Race is an honored tradition and highly encouraged! Prizes are given for originality and execution. Team themes are especially welcome. The costume judging will take place between 8:30 and 10:00 AM at the sound stage on Vernor Hwy. adjacent to Roosevelt Park - look for the tall flutter flag.

Course Closes

The Start Line closes at 10:25, or whenever the last wave crosses. Teardown begins immediately. Because of the St. Patrick's Parade, the entire course must be cleared by 12:00 PM.

Date of Race

Sunday, March 12, 2016 - it's the 35th Anniversary of the St. Patrick’s Parade Corktown Races. Our events are always the Sunday before St. Patrick’s Day.

Deadlines for Registration

Mail-in, online and satellite registration closes at 6:00 PM on Friday, March 10th. There will be registration before the race on Sunday, March 12th beginning at 8:00 AM in Roosevelt Park at Michigan Avenue & Vernor Hwy. Pre-registered packets may also be picked up at this time. Cash or check only - NO charge cards. Checks should be made out to "F.O.U.I." There is NO registration on Saturday, March 11th.


You may run with your leashed pet, but we ask you to start at the back of the pack and please be mindful of interfering with other runners. Make sure to clean up any “messes.”


When registering, you may include a donation to the St. Patrick's Senior Center and/or the KFFL, (KPMG Family for Literacy).  You are also encouraged to donate canned goods to St. Patrick's Senior Center and books for KFFL.  There will be booths and photo backdrops next to the Sound Stage.

Dublin Double

The Double is a combination race – you compete in both the Emerald Mile and the Corktown 5K. You receive a unique timing bib and finishers medal.

Entry Fees                                                                     

Before March 1st:  Corktown 5K = $35, Emerald Mile = $20, Kids Run = $15, Dublin Double = $45. March 1 – 10: Corktown 5K = $40, Emerald Mile = $25, Kids Run = $20, Dublin Double = $50. Race Day, March 12th: Corktown 5K = $45, Emerald Mile = $25, Kids Run = $20 Dublin Double = $55. (Race Day registration by cash or check only.  No charge cards.) There is NO Registration on Saturday, March 11th.                                                


The Cork Town Race group page on Facebook is the best place to find last minute changes, updates and information about the race - both before and after. Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/264617490907/

Finish Line

The Finish is located on northbound Vernor Hwy., on the east side of Roosevelt Park. You will receive your medal as you exit the finish chutes.  Please continue moving through the chutes to the end.  Do not wait for friends and/or family in the chutes; please do that in the park or nearby. (See "Meeting Friends & Family")


Runner refreshments (food & Absopure® water) will be available in the tents directly after you exit the finish chutes.  Look for the fruit and yummy shamrock sugar cookies. There might be an adult beverage for finishers (21 & older) in the parking lot behind the Mercury Bar (to the east of the Finish Line.) Vendors will be set up on southbound Vernor Hwy. for spectators and runners alike. Local bars and restaurants will also be open.


The Fraternal Order of United Irishmen are the organizers and one of the main sponsors of the Corktown Races.

Friends Picking up Packets and Vice-Versa

You may pick up a friend's packet (or vice versa). You will need the name and ZIPCODE of that person. (That zipcode is important.)

Gear Check

We do not offer Gear Check.  Parking is generally close enough to leave your gear and valuables locked in your vehicle.

Help Desk

Volunteers at the Help Desk will assist you with registration-related problems - name not on list, double charges, incorrect data, lost bibs, etc. The Help Desk in the big tent on Roosevelt Park, near Race Day Registration and Packet Pickup. There will also be roving Information Volunteers to answer your race-related questions.

How many people?

We are expecting close to 9,000 participants in the three races combined. Registration will cut off if we reach 10,000 before race day.  The Dublin Double will be limited to 750 runners/walkers.


There will be a Corktown Race "Information" table under the big tent in Roosevelt Park, near Race Day Registration. We can answer most of your questions about the event. Information also serves as "Lost & Found” .This year, there will also be several roving Info Volnteer available to answer questions. These rangers will be dressed in brightly colored, easily-recognized uniforms. Look for the big hats with question marks on them.

Kids Run

It's about a quarter of a mile course and strictly for kids, although we encourage adults to walk alongside the toddlers.

Late Registration (Race Day Registration)

Late registration will take place at the big tent on Roosevelt Park on Sunday morning, beginning approximately at 8:00 AM.  Look for the "Race Day Registration" signs.  First, fill out a form at the "Registration Form" table before turning it in along with CASH OR CHECK (made out to F.O.U.I.). NO CHARGE CARDS ACCEPTED. We cannot guarantee shirts to race day registrants.

Lost & Found

"Lost & Found" is located at the Information table in Roosevelt Park. Any found items such as keys, phones or radios should be turned in here. While the Corktown Race is not responsible for lost or stolen items, we will make every effort to return any items brought to us. Check with us for any items missing after your race. Since parking is available close by, we suggest leaving valuables locked in your vehicle's trunk.

Lost Persons

No matter how well you may plan, people get lost.  Children can't find parents, and vice versa.  There will be a "Found Persons" table on Vernor Hwy. near the vendors, staffed by Emergency Communications personnel (bright green hats & jackets). Do not ask the race announcer to make inquiries.


Medical Support

Hart Medical services the Corktown event. There will be a First Aid table in the vendor area (look for the red flutter flag). Emergency Communications Volunteers (with bright green hats) are located around the course. If you need to stop during the race, please alert the closest emergency volunteer if you cannot make it back to Roosevelt Park.  The Information table also keeps a small first aid kit, with bandages, aspirin, etc.

Meeting Friends & Family

You should agree on a post-race meeting location before beginning your race - east side of the beer tent, at the “Found Persons” flag, your vehicle, the Information table, etc.  You may also use your cell phone, carry a sign or distinctive balloon, or make a unique sound - bagpipes might work. "At the finish line" will definitely NOT work.  Not with 9,000 participants expected - most of them wearing green.  Plan ahead. We do not make announcements for individuals you cannot find.

Packet Pick-up

If you pre-registered, there is advance packet pickup at seven satellite locations from Saturday, March 4th through 6:00 PM Friday evening, March 10th. Refer to the Packet Pickup page on the website for locations and hours. Race numbers are not assigned until you arrive at an advance location, therefore you may go to whichever store is most convenient.

If you have pre-registered, bibs & T-shirts may also be picked up on Sunday, March 12th before the race, beginning at approximately 8:00 AM. Before going to the "Pre-Registration" tables, please look up your race number on the nearby posting boards.


For those new to racing, a "packet" consists of your bib number and t-shirt. Bib numbers are worn on your front (jacket, shirt, shorts, etc.).  The timing tag is on the back of the bib. Safety pins are available to secure the bibs.

Parking on Race Day

The Ambassador Bridge Company has donated a parking lot off 17th Street with 200 spots available.  There is an additional secured lot off 15th Street, just east of the Michigan Central Station. We kindly request a donation to the Saint Patrick's Senior Center at these locations.  There will be a guard on duty. Please plan to leave the parking lot by 2:00 PM. Otherwise, there is some street parking surrounding the area, and other paid lots.   The earlier you arrive, the easier it is to find parking. Be aware that several streets in the Corktown area are shut-down due to the events.   Lingering snow or mud may also limit some areas.


There will be 50 porta-potties in the start area at Roosevelt Park, and two near the water station at the 1 & 2 mile marks.  There will be a few others along the St. Patrick's Parade route.


We do not offer prize money.  Refer to “Awards” on the first page.

QR Code

Each bib includes a QR code (a computerized identification symbol).  If you have a code reader app on your smart phone, you may scan your bib and receive your results within an hour of finishing.  Or, you can ask one of our information volunteers to scan it for you. Free QR code reader apps are available for your smart phone.

Race Results

Results will be posted online later Sunday at www.everalracemgt.com  After finishing, the QR code on your bib may be scanned for results.


The Road Runners Club of America (RCCA) is holding their National Convention in Detroit, in conjunction with the Corktown Races.  The Corktown 5K will serve as the RCCA’s National Championship Race.  Winners of the 5K will also receive medals from the RCCA.  There will also be special Welcome Tent in Roosevelt Park for RCCA members attending the race.


As with other races, we have a no refund, transfer or deferment policy for all race entries, unless you have been double billed. If you cannot participate, you may still pick up your shirt prior to the race.

Registration at Satellite Locations

In person registration is available at six of satellite locations during Advance Packet Pickup. (There is no onsite registration at McShane’s Pub)  It closes at 6:00 PM Friday; March 10th. (Registration/pickup shuts down, even if the store remains open.)  There is no registration on Saturday, March 11th.  Six packet pickup locations offer registration with cash or check only.  No charge cards are accepted for registration at satellite locations. . 

Roosevelt Park

Located on the south side of Michigan Avenue at Vernor, in front of the Michigan Central Depot (old train station), Roosevelt Park is "Race Central."  You will find the Start/Finish areas, Registration & Pick-up Tent, porta-potties, food, etc. Race activities also take place on Michigan Avenue (the Start) and Vernor Highway (Finish, vendors, stage, etc.) A big white tent will be used for registration, pickup, etc. It will be obvious as you near the park. A second white tent will contain vendors, volunteer check-in and other activities.

Skateboards, Rollerblades, Bikes, etc.

These modes of covering the course are a safety issue and NOT permitted.  Please keep them off the course.

Starting Times                            

  8:00 AM – Registration & Packet Pickup Opens

  9:30 AM – Kid’s ¼ Mile Start

   9:35 AM – Kid’s ¼ Mile Cutoff

   9:40 AM – Emerald Mile Start

  9:45 AM – Emerald Mile Cutoff

   10:00 AM – 5K Yellow Wave Start

   10:05 AM – 5K Blue Wave Start

    10:10 AM – 5K Green Wave Start

    10:15 AM – 5K White Wave Start

    10:25 AM – 5K Starting Line is CLOSED

   11:00 AM – Approximate Start of Awards Ceremony

     The St. Patrick’s Parade begins at Noon

Start Line

The Start is located on eastbound Michigan Avenue at Vernor Hwy.  To ease congestion we will utilize a "four wave start" for the Corktown 5K.  (See times above and description of “wave start” below.)

St. Patrick’s Parade

This year marks the 59h Annual Detroit Corktown St. Patrick’s Parade.  It begins at Noon on Michigan Ave. just west of the Lodge Fwy. and marches west past old Tiger Stadium to 14th St.  More information on the Parade can be found at: http://www.detroitstpatricksparade.com/index.html


We do allow people to run with baby joggers or strollers, but ask that you start in the back of the pack for your safety and the safety of others. Registration is not required for these “little people.”


This year, there will be three large tents at Roosevelt Park – one will contain Registration, Pickup, Information and the Help Desk, as in previous years.  There will be a second Vendor Tent (see below). Finally, there will be a Welcome Tent for RCCA Convention Members (see above).


The Corktown Race uses "B" tags for timing the 5K.  They are attached to the back of your bib number (no more tags on shoes). Do not remove or fold the tag from the back of the bib. The Emerald Mile and Kids Run are clock timed only.

T-Shirt Exchange

Possibly.  Bring your unworn shirt to the race day registration table. IF your new size is still available, you'll be able to exchange.  There are NO shirt exchanges at the satellite locations.

Vendor Tent

This year, some vendors, volunteer check-in, merchandise sales and canned food donations will be located in a large tent at Roosevelt Park.  Look for the flutter flags and signage.  Food trucks will remain on Vernor Hwy. like last year.


We couldn't have the race without you, and we can always use more volunteers.  If you, or someone you know is interested, please email John Gee at johngialanella@gmail.com Or, just stop by the "Volunteer Check-in" tent in Roosevelt Park on Sunday morning. For identification, all volunteers will be wearing bright yellow/green vests.


Walkers are definitely encouraged to participate!  Just remember that because of the St. Patrick's Parade, the course must be cleared by 12:00 PM.


Water is available at the Finish, and along the course near the 1 & 2 mile marks.

Wave Start

To ease congestion, we have divided the 5K participants into 4 waves – yellow, blue, green and white. The yellow wave will line up first, with blue runners grouped behind them, then green followed by the white wave.  Once the yellow wave has cleared the start area, the blue group will be brought forward to start. Likewise for the green and white waves.  If you are not in your wave when it begins to move forward, you will have to enter a later wave.


There will be medals for the first 9,000 finishers. We had many medals left over last year and don’t anticipate problems this year.  Dublin Doublers will receive a unique medal for completing the Emerald Mile and the Corktown 5km.

Still have questions?  Email them to corktownrace@gmail.com.